Truck Dispatching Services in the USA and Canada

We offer each and every customer a personal dispatcher and round-the-clock assistance. We provide affordable truck dispatch services with certified dispathers, ensuring high safety. Our services are not only the most dependable but also highly paid. They are available throughout the USA and Canada.

Truck Dispatching Service for Owner Operator

There is no better way to streamline the workflow for a small trucking company than by hiring a third party dispatcher. We at Canadian Cypress are the top full service truck dispatch services in the USA and Canada that offer independent dispatch through safety and reliability.

Being among the leading truck dispatching service, we work throughout to identify loads, allocate them to the drivers, and keep you loaded on a weekly basis. With around 35 certified dispatchers in our team, each of us is familiar with the highway routes and makes sure to achieve most value for all the miles put in.

Our certified truck dispatchers handle broker/shipper credit checks, rate negotiations, load booking, broker set-up/ rate confirmations, oversize permit, freight factoring, around-the-clock roadside assistance, invoicing, paperwork management and many more. It is our ultimate motive to help you free yourself up so that you can concentrate on growing the company while upholding service standards for our clients.






Best Truck Freight Dispatch Service For Trucking Companies

Whether you are a small freight firm or owner operators – dedicated truck dispatch solutions like ours at Canadian Cypress can be relied on. Being adaptable in nature, we are aware of how reliability matters in dispatching services. Our major goal is to provide you with assistance that further helps to maintain the efficiency of the trucking business.

Even though our truck dispatch company’s head office is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we provide services throughout the USA and Canada. We are fully aware of your company’s role in society and aim to deliver first rated logistic services.

As the reputed truck freight dispatch service, we handle all the paperwork and set you up with the brokers so that driving could be your only focus. With us, you can cut down on the hassle of dentention pay as our professional experts take care of everything. In addition to this, it is completely up to you which areas you want to drive to.

We, as the leading truck dispatchers, negotiate hard for the best rates and quality routes. By choosing us, you can expect your trucks to be on the road rather than stuck for days. Also, we provide after hours assistance, which allows our clients to reach us whenever required. As the most trusted service provider, we aim to foster a relationship of mutual understanding that lasts and fosters unconditional growth.

Truck Dispatch Company Team is Here to Help You

When looking forward to improving fleet management capabilities, we at Canadian Cypress are the best choice. As the most reputed truck dispatcher company in the USA and Canada, we have become the first choice of many. Whether you have back end requirements to take care of, like locating a load or receiving a payment- we do it all. To be precise, some of the services for which you can rely upon us include

  • Scheduling loads
  • Doing negotiations
  • Collecting payments
  • Evaluating potential revenue streams
  • Billing
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Completing broker packets
  • Send out PODs and BOLs
  • Factoring services

With us, you can work autonomously under your own MC with a sizable squad. In order to assist you with the upcoming load, our certified dispatchers in truck freight dispatch service can ship PODs to all clients promptly. We help you to reduce the amount of time that you may be spending waiting for the next load.

At Canadian Cypress, we pay individualized attention to every driver we work with to maintain a relationship of trust with our clients. Additionally, we provide a specialized dispatcher along with round the clock support so that the highest paid loads can be received. Our truck dispatch solutions at Canadian Cypress can guarantee scheduled loading and meet expectations on time as well.


At Canadian Cypress, we, as the reputed truck dispatch services in the USA and Canada ensure to carry out tasks that revolve around transparency. With unwavering core values, we do not charge termination fees or any type of hidden cost. On every load, we expect our clients to pay us around 6 to 10 percent only. However, our affordable pricing fluctuates depending on a range of factors, like the type of trailer used and more.

On bigger deals, we have even kept room for making negotiations as required. We have multiple types of vehicles available at our truck dispatching company in Canada, including a dry van, step deck, reefer, flatbed, power only, and hotshot. Our skilled dispatchers assist you in negotiating the cheapest price. It is our ulterior motive to go above and beyond to secure the best goods at the best price for our clients

It is simple to get started with us.

Sign the agreement right away.

Make sure to provide us with your W9, NSC, insurance, and MC authority documents.

Take off moving weights.

We start with the dispatching right away.


Our team of dispatchers is responsible for managing all aspects of truck driver coordination, shipment assignments, route optimization and communication with both drivers and shipper to ensure transportation operations.

In the event of emergencies our dispatchers proactively respond by rerouting drivers communicating with customers and coordinating plans to minimize any disruptions that may arise.

We closely monitor shipments tracking the progress of our drivers and optimizing routes to guarantee deliveries while making efficient use of resources.

To relay instructions, updates and promptly address any concerns that may arise our dispatchers utilize communication channels such as phone calls, radios or GPS systems.

Our dispatchers possess organizational skills along, with effective communication and problem solving abilities. They also have an understanding of logistics and transportation operations.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dispatchers professionally handle customer inquiries by providing real time updates and resolving complaints promptly to ensure an experience for all.
To streamline the management of shipments effectively our team utilizes advanced transportation management systems (TMS). This allows us to track shipments efficiently while prioritizing tasks and allocating resources seamlessly.

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