Accounts Payable Services for Canadian Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

There are bills to pay all the time. Hence, it becomes extremely essential to maintain accounts payable for controlling cash flow and preventing interest payments. When seeking assistance from a trusted Accounts payable outsourcing company, we can be relied on.

Not to Worry About Missed, Late, or Duplicate Payments Any More

Has the piled high filing cabinet made you exhausted? Or do you often forget to make the monthly payments? Well, it is time to get rid of all these problems, as the accounts payable & receivable services have improved with the advanced technology introduced. If your firm is concerned about internal control, you might want to think about outsourcing the service. And at Canadian Cypress, we, as the top provider of account payable processing services, take care of everything.

We completely understand how crucial it is to keep your accounts current to keep the books current. You may follow up with the outstanding bills to enhance the cash flow. However, are you wondering how our account payable solutions can assist more? With our presence, you can find your business to be assisted in a variety of ways, including

Eliminating Heaped Bills on Your Desk

If your business has been relying on loads of paperwork for account payable process, then it is time to stop doing so. Simply snap a picture of the invoices or send them to an email address for submission. What is even better is that you no longer have to keep copies stored in the cabinet or make room for them. Rather, they can be securely stored on cloud technology.

Discounts Negotiated by Vendors

At Canadian Cypress, our team of account payable solutions takes on the complete responsibility of keeping vendors informed about when they can expect payment. From negotiating the best terms to controlling the cash flow and more - we handle it all.

No More Manually Entering the Data

Our account payable services in Canada come with intelligent scanning equipment. This means all the data extraction, reading invoices, and posting them to the books can be done easily. Our team at Canadian Cypress handles everything with ease, ensuring the AP listings are current.

Ensure Streamlined Payments and Approvals

Our account payable solutions involve payment approvals automatically where the authority does proper signing. Once the approval is received, we make the payments safely and settle the amount expected. We employ the best solutions for payment methods like EFT and ACH transfers before reconciling the payments to achieve the best outcomes.

What We Offer as Accounts Payable Services

When businesses keep track of their finances, it helps in knowing their growth. As you rely on our professional bookkeepers and accountants, we provide the opportunity to understand the costs and liabilities that any business incurs. We stay ready in every aspect of your finances and monitor revenue throughout. As the leading provider of account payable for small business, we offer a range of services, including
  • A seasoned group of AP specialists as the team
  • Revised listing for AP
  • Notification for remittances
  • Automation of the submission and entry processes for invoices
  • Paperless invoicing administration
  • Invoice payments
  • Reimbursement for employee expenses
  • Measures to approve invoices

Get your Consultation Done Today! Let Us Bring Your Books into the 21st Century

It is challenging to determine which accounting firm is reliable given the abundance of options. Because of this, honesty and openness are the cornerstones of our entire corporate culture. As the top firm in account payable in healthcare and other business industries, our growth has been remarkable.

And undoubtedly, the credit goes to the hundreds of satisfied clients who have been coming back to us for more. We see our clients as not just another number in our huge clientele but a priority. Our team of account payable services in Canada aims to meet the satisfaction of the clients and alleviate the financial area of the business. So instead of looking any further, consult with us now!

Our Approach


As you choose to connect with us at Canadian Cypress, we start with scheduling calls. No matter how many times the calls have been made, it remains our ulterior motive to fully understand our client's expectations.
We note down every distinctive demand and what further the business thinks of achieving in the future. Our team of account payable services in Canada goes the extra mile to find out the needs and requirements that a business aims for to succeed.


After we get a thorough understanding of your business, we proceed with designing a technology that supports the business by all means and helps in the account payable process.
This is done prioritizing the diverse and evolving needs of the firm. We aim to foster a smooth connection and develop workflow between our team members and yours so that success can be achieved.


We, as the top provider of account payable solutions, focus on setting up the technology in the next step. Furthermore, we record the process, handle the backlog of bookkeeping and also provide training to the staff so that they can keep up with the advancements.


As you hire us as your partner, our account payable services cost stays within the range. Our team manages everything. Whether it is the day to day support that you are looking for or the monthly work - we take care of everything. We ensure smooth and hassle free service to our clients, ensuring success and leaving our competitors behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, at Canadian Cypress we provide a wide range of services for managing accounts receivable specifically designed to cater to the requirements of businesses across various industries. Our offerings include timely invoicing, credit management, collections and comprehensive reporting. We understand that every business is distinct which is why we customize our solutions for accounts to integrate with your existing processes.

To stay proactive in managing receivables we categorize customers based on aging schedules. Closely monitor their payment status. By implementing collection strategies and maintaining communication with customers our goal is to minimize delinquent receivables and optimize your cash flow for a stronger financial position.

As part of our services we provide reports and analytics on the performance of your accounts receivable. Our comprehensive reports offer metrics such as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Collection Effectiveness Index (CEI) and Aging Analysis. These insights empower you to identify areas for improvement in your operations and make decisions that enhance your overall financial health.

Our pricing structure is competitive and transparent. We offer flexible pricing options tailored to suit the needs and size of your business. Outsourcing accounts services to us often proves cost effective than maintaining an, in house team. By opting for our services you can reduce your operating expenses tap into expertise and allocate resources to your primary business operations. We would be delighted to delve into our pricing options during our consultation.

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