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Finding it daunting to run your business with clear financial views? Usually, businesses fall behind because they cannot hire and maintain competent in-house bookkeepers. 

There is no doubt about how badly it can affect the growth of your business. This is when you can rely on us at Canadian Cypress, who are the leading bookkeeping firms in Nanaimo.

Through maintaining complete reliability and accuracy in bookkeeping, growth becomes essential for any company. Our precise cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services in Nanaimo can maintain your current books and give you accurate financial statements through transparency every month. With professionalism, we help your business foster and grow.

We Are a Premium Canadian Bookkeeping Partner You Can Trust

Feeling scared about who to trust when it comes to handling the important data in your business? As a small error can bring a lot of unexpected losses, having someone trustworthy to rely on becomes crucial. Hence, at Canadian Cypress, our certified Nanaimo bookkeepers make sure your company’s desired goals are met. 

With industry experience and knowledge, our services in virtual bookkeeping in Nanaimo are easy and clear. As you choose us, you delegate the task to our dedicated executives, who focus on maintaining enduring relationships and delivering cost-effective solutions.

Who Do We Offer Our Services?

Best Assistance Around the Clock!

At Canadian Cypress, we, as the best accounting services in Nanaimo, assist small and medium-sized businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Through honesty, kindness, and integrity as our core principles, we aim to maintain your books accurately, keeping you informed and in compliance. Our major goal is to be there for you around the clock. 

Why Hire a Bookkeeping Service Provider?

As a business owner, focusing on the daily tasks of the company becomes essential. Isn’t It? There may be so many things to take care of, including meeting clients, supervising the staff, submitting proposals, and whatnot. However, on the other hand, maintaining records and transactions, among other expenses, requires a lot of time. If left unconsidered, they can also lead to CRA fines. 

At Canadian Cypress, we, as the top providers of bookkeeping in Nanaimo, ensure to regularly gather, compile, and record financial data. Our experienced bookkeepers store everything in an industry-standard manner, ensuring the cash flow is managed besides the other costs. We employ the right technology to help you with the workflows. Simply put, the focus relies on maintaining timely financial reporting at affordable prices.

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Our Services Include the Following


Thinking of getting insightful financial data? As the leading provider of bookkeeping services in Nanaimo, we take your daily transactions and receipts and do as expected. At every month's end, we accurately prepare financial statements besides reconciling the accounts, which further helps in making informed business decisions.

Payroll Management

Want reassurance that your business is compliant? Well, we can do that besides ensuring the employees are being paid correctly. From managing payroll processing to time tracking and others, our Nanaimo bookkeeping services manage every facet of it.

Accounts Payable

As the best service provider of virtual bookkeeping in Nanaimo, we will assist you in coding and monitoring incoming bills. Our certified bookkeepers manage the payables listing and securely make payments for outstanding invoices through a streamlined payables procedure.

Accounts Receivable

Are you worried if you cannot collect the credit sales of the business on time? Well, our certified Nanaimo bookkeepers do that after we receive the sales information. Additionally, we ensure that the cash flow is predictable by monitoring the list of receivables. Also, we follow up on the late payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Canadian Cypress, our pricing is influenced by several factors. This includes the income, costs, and volume of transactions that businesses hold. As the top virtual bookkeeping company in Nanaimo, we value startups as well as established businesses, which is why we have affordable pricing available. Simply because our focus revolves around creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. With the motive of helping businesses reach their desired success, we keep up with the expectations. Kindly get in touch for personalized quotes.
As we are not a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs), we do not offer year-end accounting or personal tax services. To make sure your selected accountant has the reports they require to complete the year-end filings, we make sure to collaborate closely. As the best accounting service in Nanaimo, we would be pleased to make some recommendations if you do not have a year-end accountant available.

Your business and its success are very important to us. Simply because we understand how day-to-day operations can impact its core. We believe in offering quick bookkeeping firms in Nanaimo so that our clients can get instantly on the path to success. After the contract is signed after a week, we team up to assist you right away. And within a few weeks, or mostly a month, we start to roll in the reports and catch up on the pending bookkeeping.